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eType is an application whose principal aim is to offer you linguistic support
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eType is an application whose principal aim is to offer linguistic support by automatically suggesting a list of words in a small screen panel after the first two or three letters of a word have been typed.

The application is designed to offer assistance to both native and foreign speakers of English, helping them improve their writing skills by constantly allowing them to correct possible typing or spelling errors.

Moreover, the tool also offers handy monolingual and bilingual dictionaries that you can consult quickly. Thus, it is a good learning tool and a good way to enrich vocabulary both in English and in other languages.

The interface provides access to the Settings panel, as well as to information about the words you have typed using this tool. The Settings panel allows you to adjust the features of the tool to suit your purposes: you can add or remove dictionaries, you can choose when to activate or disable the tool, you can select the number of letters after which you want the suggested words to appear, and many more.

To make things more interesting, the tool also displays the score you have accumulated by performing different tasks using this tool. You can have fun using it, while at the same time it stimulates your creativity and your competitive spirit. Additionally, the interface also facilitates access to different sites such as Facebook, G Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail allowing you to save your precious time.

All in all, the application is particularly appropriate for users who need an additional language tool to assist them while writing in a foreign language. Also, it proves to be useful for advanced or native speakers who can benefit from its linguistic functions.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Quick access to monolingual and bilingual dictionaries.
  • Synonyms provided for the words displayed.
  • Quick access to other sites


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